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Fifty Plus News, March 2015

A great resource … Broken into logical sequences with easy to read tables of activities and clear concise language …”

Live Laugh Dementia Exisle Publishing

A Spoonful of Sugar, March 2015

My book’s theme on living actively to maximise quality of life applies to everyone, regardless of their intellectual ability, and for people with dementia there is good research on the benefits of engaging people with dementia in social and cultural experiences.” ~ Lee-Fay Low

Exisle Publishing A Spoonful of SugarExisle Publishing Spoonful of Sugar Live Laugh DementiaLive Laugh Dementia Exisle Publishing Spoonful of SugarExisle Publishing Live Laugh Dementia Spoonful of Sugar

Australian Journal of Dementia, March 2015

Once I got into the text I was amazed and delighted by the number and profundity of the insights it contains. It is packed with very good advice about communication, activities, and relationships, and I cannot imagine any carer not benefiting from it hugely.”

Exisle Publishing Australian Journal of Dementia

Good Practice, March 2015

“...designed to help people with dementia exercise their brain in order to strengthen and maintain neural capabilities.”

Good Practice Live Laugh Dementia Exisle Publishing, March 2015

The saying traditionally goes that it takes a village to bring up a child. I believe that it takes a village to care for an elder. The more people involved in the life of the person with dementia, the more opportunities they have to be stimulated, to interact and engage, and the more people there are to emotionally support and love them and remind them of who they are.”

Exisle Live Laugh Dementia

Trust Magazine, March 2015

Hopeful and inspiring, Live and Laugh with Dementia supports people to improve their relationship with the person with dementia. Ideal for both family and professional carers, not only does it contain suggestions for activities and how to tailor them, but it also covers a host of ideas that will empower family and friends to re-engage with sufferers, allowing them to build new relationships, spread the load of care and add richness to the lives of the sufferers as well as meaning to their own.”

Exisle Publishing Live Laugh Dementia

Financial_Review_logo  – October 2014

Dementia is a journey of disentanglement



Senior Lifestyle Bayside – Health – October 2014



‘An excellent book, packed with easy to follow ideas illustrating what more of us need to know – caring for people with dementia can also be fun ! ‘

Ann Gray, Owner/Manager Coombe House, Cornwall UK

Mental Health NZ – October 2014


 Oz Care – October 2014

OzCare review

 Starfish Magazine – October 2014


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The Daily Express – UK – September 30,2014

daily express on dementia


Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research Foundation

Podcast episode 15 – Associate professor Lee-Fay Low: Improving quality of dementia care through research

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 bexclusive Magazine – September 2014


 The Courier Mail – Qmagazine



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 NZ Beach FM – interview with Lee-Fay Low

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 2EC East Coast Radio – September 2, 2014

Mornings with Pete Dickson 

I don’t often plug books on this site but today I spoke to the author of Live and Laugh with Dementia. The author is Dr. Lee-Fay Low who is a leading researcher in the field of dementia. She says the importance of ensuring that people with dementia enjoy the best quality of life possible is vital.

In the book she points out that staving off boredom is one of the best and proven ways of slowing it’s progress. She told me today that worldwide over 45 million people suffer dementia and that number is likely to blow out to 75 million by 2030.

Dr Lee pointed out that one of the best medicines is laughter and she is developing some new exercise regimes for people with dementia that involves dance and laughter.

There is information in this book for people with the early symptoms of dementia as well as advanced dementia. She says family members would do well to read the book as well to gain a clearer understanding of dementia. It is out now in all good book stalls.

 Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research Foundation

Podcast episode 15 – Associate professor Lee-Fay Low: Improving quality of dementia care through research

Listen to podcast here

Lee-Fay Low has a knack of putting complicated processes into simple and easy to follow language. Her writing is vibrant and entertaining yet informative and educative. Drawing from her experience and research, Associate Professor Low provides case studies which guide the reader effortlessly into how to engage people with dementia and practical ways to tackle thorny problems in care. She demonstrates strategies that aim to improve the quality of life of people with dementia and their family carers. Recommended.

Henry Brodaty
Scientia Professor of Ageing and Mental Health
Montefiore Chair of Healthy Brain Ageing
Co-Director, CHeBA (Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing)
Director, Dementia Collaborative Research Centre
University of New South Wales

 Bookseller UK – July 11, 2014


‘A leading researcher in the field with advice on how to make life with dementia as positive as possible and maximise quality of life for all concerned, for all degrees of the condition. Includes case studies and clinical research.’